Working Full Time Again

Since February (3 weeks and counting) I've been working full time again. For about a year, I was working 4 days a week, and loving it. Every Friday was mine! (mwaahaha) to do with what I wanted. I would drop Beth off at the bus stop, take Ben to school then go to a cafe for a leisurely breakfast then come home to the washing. Or sometimes, to mix things up, go out with Craig shopping or whatever.

But that's finished now. Work asked me to return to 5 days (requirement of role, best for business etc etc) and we made the choice as a family for me to return.

The original reason for the move to part time was to give me more time with the family. Ben was in year 6 and as you may have read previously, he struggles a bit with school, so thought this was a good thing for him. Plus, I got to be at home when the kids got home from school with a Stepford wife style afternoon tea waiting before taking the kids to youth club on Friday nights. That was one of the reasons. The other was to help me manage the stress levels from work without taking it out on the kids.

Back to work on Fridays again, and 3 weeks later, stress has jumped back into our lives with a big shout. I have noticed over the last week or so that I am yelling a lot again (including quite a bit of swearing). And I don't like that side of me. It doesn't take much to set me off. I know its because I'm tired. Its late home from work which means late to bed, every day. Then lots happening on the weekends means no sleep in or nana nap time, so vicious circle continues. I found myself dreaming about how much I could sleep and what I could achieve next weekend ON SATURDAY!!

Plus there is the physical side of stress. My feet are swollen and never seem to go day (because I'm not getting enough sleep). My eyes are permanently red, and I've had 2 periods in 3 weeks. 

So my priority is to work out how I'm going to manage it. I'm overweight, work long hours and I'm always tired. I'm not quite sure of all the answers just yet (except the obvious, lose weight, take vitamins, go to bed earlier) but its getting into the new routine. It will come with time but at the moment its killing me, and the kids hate it too.

Wish me luck, but I've got an early start in the morning so off to sleep soon (just need to iron clothes, make sure kids things are ready for school etc first). *sigh*.


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