Happy Birthday Ben!

The last parents have gone home. A reasonable effort has been made to clean up the rubbish and left over food. Floors are messy but you have a coffee on the counter beside you. Yes, its the best part of a party. Its over.

Today we had over 20 teenage boys at our house celebrating Ben's birthday. All the right fun things had been organised, like laser tag, games console caravan and bumper balls plus the age old favourite, a swimming pool. The weather was divine, and not much organising  was required. It was the perfect recipe for a popular party, the kind the kids talk about next week at school with admiration, much to the delight of the popular birthday child.

This is the extra large serve of teenage testosterone that was at
Ben's birthday party. Lucky it was laser tag and not paintball!

Surprisingly, there wasn't any trouble. We had one kid turn up that hadn't been invited (according to the birthday boy, and he is sticking with is story) but he made the effort to bring a small gift. He was on the uninvited list because he has a reputation at school for smoking and taking drugs that he steals off his grandfather. Probably not the kid you want your son to be friends with. But other than that, there was a tiny bit of swearing and pool shenanigans and that was it. *phew*.

We served up sausage sandwiches with a side dish of lollies, chips and soft drinks, and no one was complaining. In fact, they ate and drank everything to the point of eating bread rolls and wraps on their own later in the day because they were desperately hungry after all the running around and swimming.

I love stay at home parties (you may have read about this previously) and love having parties in general. But I just wasn't in the zone today, a bit hot and cranky so if I offended you, I'm sorry. Blame the hormones.

Now its over, birthday boy is over $300 richer in cash and even more in i-tune and gift cards (we're sick of the fuss, just put it away or we will go and spend it), and there is a disgusting floor to be done plus some stuff to put away.

Bring on the sweet 16 party in 5 weeks....

You forget that my man child is only a young bloke when he is so big,
but he had a ball today with his mates being silly.


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