Birthday Party Planning

This year we have a couple of major milestones in our family. Benjamin will be 13 (teenager! can't believe it) and Bethany will be sweet 16. Its time to party!

We're in the process of planning Ben's party at the moment. It took a couple of weeks to find an invite that Ben approved of (does this sound easy? It was not. And our printer doesn't work so we couldn't make our own), we wrote them out and were just about to hand them out when I remembered an ad I seen on Facebook. It was for Games2U. They have vans with really cool tv's, gaming consoles and other games like laser tag, and best part of all, they will come to your house. I'm not going to talk them up yet, we haven't had the party but it sounds fantastic so far to a busy mum.

We will have up to 20 screaming teenage boys at our house for the party. The games zone will be for 3 hours, then we will feed them the usual assortment of boy party food (sausage rolls, pies, sausage sandwiches, chips, lollies, soft drink) and then hopefully their parents will come and get them to take them home.

I love birthday parties for the kids. I made a vow that for as long as they would have them, I would give them one every year. I figure that after around 16, they will be strictly limited to the cooler numbers of 18, 21 etc so I wanted to make the most of them while I could. I try to work to a formula, one away somewhere and next one at home. Saves me having to plan, organise and clean up at home after every single one. Smart huh?!

Next will be Bethany. She is 16 so I want to do something bigger, and invite family and friends to our house for a bash. Last count was 80 people, so will have to see if anything has changed since we last spoke. We'll organise a spit roast, jukebox, and its going to be so much fun! I wanted pretty party accessories in pink and blue for sweet 16, but have been outvoted (boo hoo!). Who cares, bring on the karaoke on the juke box!!!

Not sure if I mentioned its Ben's birthday in 8 days and we still have to book everything in. So if you don't have your invitation yet, don't panic. No-one does, its in the mail...


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