Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas!

Hope you had a great day with your family and friends. It's such a build up to Christmas, and it seems to be over with so soon.

I had a great Christmas this year. It was really different to other years in that I didn't do the whole stressed shopping, spending, buying, wrapping, worrying cycle this year. Yes, I still bought some presents and we bought way too much food for Christmas but it wasn't anywhere near over the top like it has been in previous years.

A contributing factor was changing jobs. I felt much more relaxed this year. We had Christmas drinks at work, then I went away with the family for a short pre-Christmas break to Forster on the NSW north coast. It's so beautiful, summer, sunshine, ocean and sand. Loved it. Plus we went along as an extended family group with my in-laws, and brother & sister-in-laws family.

It's a totally different vibe going away for Christmas. This is the first year we have spent Christmas with my sister-in-laws family, and they were so gracious and welcoming. We spent the day eating beautiful fresh food on the deck of their boathouse. And after lunch, we jumped off the dock into the river for a swim. Lazy, lots of food and plenty of sunshine. Big shout out to the Canty's - thank you!

It didn't hurt that we had just come back from a holiday in Hawaii, plus I had a short trip to Tasmania. All of this happened in the space of around 4 weeks. If you think I am holidayed out, think again. Next cruise is booked for March.

So what's next? New Years. We're spending it with very very good friends of ours - our travel buddies from way back so it's going to be a night for going hard and or going home. Bring on the Sing Star!

Do you make resolutions? I've always done them every year with a friend. We look back, and it's sometimes a little surprising what we've achieved. Plus, for the first time last year I went to a planning retreat, where we identified our goals for the year. It was a turning point for me, and I would really recommend it to anyone wanting to put some plans in place to make 2017 a big one. www.meafterwork.com.au

So Christmas was good this year. Hope your's was just as good. Would love to hear if you done anything different this year, and how that worked for you.

Here's to a wonderful 2017.


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