How will I live without you...

An open letter to the team at Dare.

To my friends at Dare.

I feel like I can call you friends because even though we have never actually met, we have had a relationship now for a very long time. I hesitate to put a time frame on it but would guesstimate it’s been over 10 years (most likely longer).

Even though we are friends and in actual fact very good, close friends, I have some news I need to share with you.

After all this time, I’m breaking up with you.

It hasn’t been an easy decision to make, and I am still wrestling with it whilst drinking a 750ml double espresso which I bought on my way home.

But in 2017, I’m committed to a few things that I believe will make me a better person, and sleep, exercise and diet are on that list. Which means it’s time to go, Dare Iced Coffee.

In my time, I’ve actively supported the team at Dare by way of buying around 3-4 (perhaps even more) bottles of delicious Dare goodness each week. By my calculations, that’s around $15-$18 per week, or, at least $780 per year. Disclaimer, that would and has been a lot higher during the peak summer seasons.

I was always so happy to see the 2 for $5 deals at Woolworths and Coles, and actively participated in these deals, but was equally happy to support my local 7/11 at $4.50 for the normal size bottle or $5.20 for the big mama.

The black top is my Dare of choice, followed by green top at a pinch if no black left. With a double up purchase, the purple top mocha, bought for my son, was a popular favourite.

The impact of this decision is going to be felt by my whole household. Many a time, I couldn’t finish the whole bottle so would put it in the fridge for the next day, after carefully checking the liquid level. Without  fail, every morning I would get up to a greatly reduced bottle (thanks kids. NOT) so the kids will not be able to steal great big gulping mouthfuls of my Dare from the fridge anymore.

You will be glad to know that I have introduced Dare to my friends and family, and they are now addicted and most likely will continue to support you. Yes, that’s you Mum.

For me, it’s a very sad goodbye. I think it’s forever – once you have not enjoyed the sweet cool taste of a Dare for a year, my prediction is that I will lose the taste for it.

So I bid you a fond farewell, and thank you for the wonderful times we had together.

Love, Your ex-number 1 fan. Laurel

PS. It’s still 2016 for a day, will pop in and buy one for the road tomorrow. #brokenhearted #imalive


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