June 27

This weekend is a long weekend at the farm. We've come to relax and live a little bit of country life. Some friends were here too for the last couple of days but they've gone now so its just me, Craig, Ben and the mice and spiders! We miss Bett but her never ending cold means staying at home nice and warm.
Last night was so cold I thought I would never get warm, and confession time, I wore sox, nighty, jumper and a beanie to bed haha, what a sight. There is no proof! And today it was foggy till lunch time. But after that it warmed up for a camp fire and some damper - yum! With butter and golden syrup of course. Craig is the master of the damper!
I went for a walk up the paddock, carefully dodging potholes and animal poo. It's amazing because I couldn't do this before. Another first hey?! Perhaps it will be a ride on the quad bike next, who knows...
Tonight the fire is on and we've just finished a slow cooked beef casserole. I've got a cup of tea and flannelette sheets on the bed, and Craig has put out baits for the mice (although I can hear them squeaking, eewwwww). Life is good (and cold). What are you up to this weekend? Hope you are having a great one too. Laurel xx


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