June 28

Good evening from the country life! Today was a bit of a push through moment for me.
Before my op, I was lucky to have been able to walk 50 meters, and that was hard work because of the bone on bone pain. It just goes to show how strong the physio makes you because I went for a walk with Craig on an uneven grassy paddock track up to the gate and back which is around a kilometer. Yes, I used a crutch for support and was glad I did, but I was nervous about going that far - the uneven ground, falling over, ability to walk that far so I nearly didn't worry. But I gave it a red hot go, and IT FELT GOOD!!
Sometimes you just have to stretch to see what you are capable of. And I think that's going to be my life motto from now on.
Feeling good, how about you?! Laurel


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