June 6 - Day 19

It's day 19 already, doesn't time fly?!
I'm sure you must be sick of seeing my legs already, but just humor me and take another look. Yes, that's it. I expected to have huge, enormous, horrible, discolored and bulgy scars. But this is all I got. Not that I'm complaining! My nurse told me today I will be back in mini skirts in no time, bahahahaha!! Once the little dots from the staples are healed, I'll just have a thin little line, and some bio-oil should take good care of that. How amazing is the technology and skill of Drs today?! Very grateful to my talented doctor for his clever handiwork in installing my new bionic knees.
A good day today pain wise. I'm still on medication and need to start working on reducing this but it's manageable now. Still tired, and the medication is taking its due on the regularity of normal body actions (daily bowel movements - need to have them or its a killer) but otherwise I actually think I'm ahead when I compare to pre-op.
Tomorrow is my big day, I'm going home. From here on in for the next 6 weeks I will be participating in both home based and outpatient physio services. I'm committed, I can see what a huge impact they have had on my recovery to date. And I'll get to see some of my new peeps again that I've met on their back/hip/knee journey. I'm a big believer that I will heal even more when I get back home in my normal environment and reduced activity routine. Give me a few days to settle back in, can't wait to have a nap in my own bed, and get those kids working. Guys, mum needs a cup of tea...
Good night, I've got a big day to look forward to tomorrow! Laurel
Ps hhmmm, didn't realize how freckly my legs are...


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