May 30 - Day 12

Day 12 - and there was excitement. Just the wrong kind! Today they removed half of the staples from my knees, balance coming out tomorrow. Just to remind you, there were 36 staples in each leg!!! I broadened my education and found out that if they are placed really closely together (like some of mine) that they are hard to lift and will be really painful coming out. Pull out a few more! Said no-one ever..
So the rest come out tomoz. I've got a plan of action to stop me looking like a complete baby. I'm taking painkillers 40 mins before, and packing the knees with ice just before so that they are nice and numb. Knee hack #1.
Beth and Ben came to visit today. I love when they come, miss them heaps. Beth drives them over on her own (P plater!), and when she gets here, she organizes me. Packs away all my clean clothes, waters my flowers, gets my dirty clothes together, gets me icepacks then sits down for a chat. Ben does his part by giving my feet a massage. Craig drops in all the time on his way to work or in his meal breaks to keep me company and stop me going crazy from loneliness and boredom. Thank god for my family, giving me all this support and being there when I need them. Lucky me, love them lots.
After a hard work out in the hydra class was feeling pretty stiff and tired this afternoon, so a nana nap fixed that!
Feeling good! It's slow but there is definite progress. Have a great night, Laurel
Ps sorry for the graphic content of the video! Didn't think it was too bad to share.


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