June 5 - Day 18

Day 18 - holy shit where has the time gone?! But it's a miracle, I can walk! Lol
Sorry for no updates last couple days. Had a couple of sleepless nights with very sore and twitchy legs plus was feeling pretty horrible, so didn't really feel like writing. Have sorted out the medication with the Dr so I'm hoping for a great nights sleep tonight, in fact I'm feeling doozy right now (thank you for the endone!).
In physio today I took on a couple of new exercises. I can cycle now for 10 minutes comfortably, and can lift both legs off the bed without anything underneath to support them (although this bloody kills!). Plus in hydro, I can do squats off the wall with both legs and no noodle support! Small wins but makes you feel like a hero.
Isn't it funny, before this I was hopelessly unfit, not even joking. But I love the physio classes especially the water class, and it made me remember how much I used to exercise when I was younger. I went religiously to aerobic classes 3 times a week and walked everywhere. At school I was good at swimming and even cross country running. But I let it all slip when I got married and developed knee problems. Someone said to me today that my new future could be as a fitness instructor! Think that's taking it too far but I'd like to think there is regular exercise that I enjoy in the mix somehow.
I had a couple of visitors today, and I was so glad to see them. I've missed them a lot. Thanks for coming in Anna and Shana. And yes, I can walk now! The look on their faces was priceless.
So on Sunday I will be going home, and I can't wait to sleep in my bed and just get life back to normal. But there's still weeks of rehab left to go along with a lot of healing and recovery. Still, it's all on track and that's the important thing.
I've started thinking about what these changes will mean to my life, it's too early yet but the opportunity is too good to waste so will give this some more thought. Just some early thought starters include exercise, and changes to how we use our free time.
How would you use this amazing gift I've been given, what changes would you make to your own and your families lives? Would love to hear your thoughts. Laurel
Ps these are just some of the flowers people have bought in for me, so pretty!


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