May 31 - Day 13

Day 13 Sunday was far from quiet! Started with an exercise class after breakfast, pushed my stiff knees as hard as I could just to try and get some stretch. Then it was a never ending parade of visitors starting with the lovely Mareesie, always a welcome face. Then Craig and the kids. Next up, lunch and a visit from Maureen the nurse who gave me painkillers them removed the rest of my staples. Really pleased, looks nice and clean and precise. Won't bore you with another gorey video unless you say please! A quick nap then Kelly, Paul and the kids come, armed with Vegemite, butter and saos to satisfy a craving, thanks guys!! Dinner and a last walk and the day was over. Another good one with no pain except for stitches removal. Crampy legs and knees, but just have to stretch that out. Super tired out from a big day but glad that everyone took time to come say hi, thanks!


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