May 29 - Day 11

Day 11 - more of the same today. Had to lug my legs out of bed (they feel like they weigh a tonne first thing in the morning) and push myself to get up and go to the exercise class. I posted a pic of my ultra sexy outfit that I wear for the exercise class. Yes, I'm rocking the white stockings! Pushed through the stretches and felt better but those lunges - what a killer! I feel like I'm just doing a tiny little lunge but bloody hell, they are so painful! The bed stretches are a breeze and going up and down stairs like a pro now.
Afternoon is my swimming class. Interesting session today, it was packed and included an older man in speedos next to me who was totes uncoordinated and couldn't understand the instructions, and on my other side another guy who didn't understand the meaning of personal space. Not the best place up be sandwiched in to! Nonetheless, had another great water session and worked hard.
So tonight I'm tired. Not in pain, just super duper tired which means I'm going to bed, very soon. But I will take my night painkillers like a good girl and pack up my knees nice and tight with ice packs.
Good night, and don't hate on me for my exercise class outfit.‪#‎letsgetphysical‬ ‪#‎whitesocksarein‬ ‪#‎exerciselikeaboss‬


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