24 May - Day 6 BTKR

Day 6? Where has the time gone?! Can't really say it's been fun but it's definitely been life changing. Today I moved to the rehab hospital IN AN AMBULANCE! It's probably the only time in my life this will happen so if you want to check it out visit my Instagram page (laurelbbrown). I had a good walk today with my crutches and even went down to the coffee shop! It felt good to be so independent. Then the guys came to transfer us over in the ambulance (really nice guys, you can see them in my photo), and we were off! Rehab so far is not quite the experience the hospital was so far, it's not as nice and quite isolated but it's Sunday so will see how things go tomorrow. I'll be having 2 sessions every day of therapy including hydrotherapy so that should help me improve quickly. Hope you've had a good day, and bring on Monday!
Ps this is my new friend Olive, she has had one of her knees replaced and is doing so well. Goodnight.


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