June 17

Hello! Its been a really weird first week at home. I came home thinking I was invincible and ready to go back to my normal life, but I was in for a rude shock. I thought that it was going to be easy to get over the major surgery of bilateral knee replacements, and it was to an extent, but your body makes sure to remind you that it was major surgery, and things won't be back to normal just yet, thanks very much.
First on the agenda was lots of naps. For me, the killer is not being able to sleep at night - some nights I'm still up at 5.30am when my hubby is going to work. So he's not sleeping either. Doesn't matter if I stay up all day or not, I'm still not sleeping well. But its getting better, I went to sleep at around 1.30am last night so heres hoping this keeps improving! I'm a cranky pants when I don't get enough sleep...
Then there is the exercising. I loved doing this in hospital, and love my physio classes too. But even though I'm doing the exercises at home, I don't get the same pump as when its in a group. I wonder what others are doing to self motivate? I'm thinking of either booking in another physio class somewhere else or perhaps even joining a gym. Will see what the doctor thinks when I see him tomorrow. I've noticed that the classes are becoming progressively harder! So tired when I get home that its straight into bed for a rest! Today was an absolute killer but still loved it.
Its becoming evident that being in a routine is super important. if you don't plan your time, its easy to just nap and watch TV. And even thought I still need some of this rest time, I want to keep increasing my activity levels and keep practicing my walking! So I have exercise sessions in the morning and afternoon, and I'm going to start fitting in some computer time too which I have been neglecting because I've been so tired.
Its funny how there is a gap between reality, and optimism. I think I can do anything, but when I start its a lot harder than I think. We went shopping again on Monday (only for a couple of hours) and I was exhausted and nauseous when I got home. Have to pace it a bit on this - not up to my pre-op shopping legend status yet.
Still not feeling up to much food either, which is a problem because I want to have the energy to move, and to help healing. Any ideas or tips for me on this? I got a nutribullet for Mothers Day which I haven't used yet so my hubby is going to work it out for me, then I'm going to make some nutriblasts! (too much late night shopping channels, haha!).
Having said this, I am winning! I can get up off a low chair now without twisting around, I can use my knees to push up off the toilet (sorry for this sharing but thought you might want to know) and my walking is going great guns - technique is looking good! Overall, I feel so good and if I'm pushing myself a little too hard its because I want to put these new babies to some good use!
Mum is here helping and its been great to have the company and someone to take care of things, so thanks Mum. I just want to say a big thanks to everyone who reads this and takes the time to check in, every time I get a message or a response to my posts it makes my day so thank you very much!
Cheers from me, and would love to hear from you on the exercise and nutrition - any tips for me? Laurel


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