June 1 - Day 14

Day 14. Can you believe it?! 2 weeks ago I was nervously waiting for my operation, I was so anxious about the spinal tap and everything else that was going on.
Today I went hard in both exercise classes so I was totally stuffed and sore this afternoon - yes, it was nana nap time but woke up feeling good and now tonight I don't have any more pain! Except for the muscles but working on that.
This photo is so hard to look at. For around 10 years I lived with crazy sore and tired legs. I limped quite badly and swung my leg out around to the side every time I took a step. Plus I leant on whatever I could find because I couldn't take more than around 10-15 steps without it killing me. I worked pretty hard to hide it though.
My friend (thanks Caroline) took the after photos for me today. I had to take a moment to digest the difference. My legs are straight! Yes, my legs have lost the 'cowboy' bowed legs that had succumbed to the pressure of nothing left in between the bones.
I cannot believe it, have checked the photos a couple of times because it's hard to believe the enormous difference that has changed my life in just 14 days.
Just seeing this has reinforced why I am putting in all this effort. Why I'm doing a crazy number of laps of the hospital corridors ( the nurses tease me about sprinting! me, the exercise-phobic!), and going hard to make sure I put in a big effort in the gym and the pool. Yes I am tired and need lots of sleep and medication, but I already feel stronger and can see the difference. I'm starting to feel like I'm ‪#‎winning‬.
And for those who like the numbers (me) I've had some good improvement in bend. My right leg is now 87 degrees and my left is 92 degrees plus both are now straight! Woo hoo! Although it killed my right leg to get that...
I want to say thanks again. For everyone who visits me, and those who inspire me to keep going with your comments and likes on my posts. I really appreciate you, and it makes a huge difference to my motivation to keep going.
Can't wait for tomorrow, I am going to conquer these squats if it kills me!
Have a great night, Laurel xx


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