June 24

Life goes on! How do I cope normally with being at work full time? Not sure but you always manage. Life is so busy, even being at home and not working. So much going on. Planning for a couple of long weekends away with the kids over the school holidays which will be good, and Ben just gave me his latest assignment. he is doing so well, it was really well presented and he got a great mark. So proud of him. Craig is busy working on restoring his Ford Capri (ha, will wait and see when this is actually finished. In the meantime, its taking up valuable garage space!). And on the knee recovery front, things are going well. Getting more active every day and needing less sleep (except on physio days - those guys work you hard!). You really can see gradual improvement which is so motivating when you have those slight backwards steps. Haven't shown off my scar for a while, might post a pic this week. Something to look forward to, mwahahahahaha! Have a good night, Laurel


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