25 May - Day 7 Post Op BTKR

Still going strong at the rehab hospital on day 7. Had to remind myself today that it's only been SEVEN days since I had my knees sawed off and replaced with some metal parts. It's gone so quick! Sure, it's been painful, draining and hugely impacting on independence, but if I go back and compare to what life was like pre-surgery then it's not really that different. There are actually a lot of positives already; I can walk further now than I could have a week ago, the pain is no worse than a week ago and my mobility is improving every day and any second it's going to overtake how active and mobile I was before.
I can see now what a big change this is going to bring. I was so busy being scared that I didn't think enough about the big adventure that's waiting for me.
Today was a huge day that's been very tiring. I started regular physio sessions which were great, no problem at all, just very new news for my non-working muscles.
Why did I think I wouldn't be able to do this? It's funny how your negative self talk can have such an enormous effect on your behavior.
Feeling good, and looking forward to tomorrow, bring it on physio's!! I can take it. Laurel


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