June 3 - Day 16

Day 16 = transition to a single crutch / cane! Yes!
I've been walking around without crutches in my room for around a week now, but the move to a single prop means another step towards independence! It's funny how you have to relearn at each stage how to walk, especially so you use each leg equally and don't swing your legs or hip. Another win for today is the increase in mobility or angle of movement for each knee. Right leg is now 102, and left is 100. I was surprised at this because my right leg is the weaker one but doesn't matter, it's an excellent improvement!
The last few days I've have been so tired and sore. I'm ok once I drag myself out of bed but come night time I'm wiped out and ready for some painkillers! Everything makes me tired, from exercising, eating and having visitors. And that in turn makes it harder to keep pushing on.
Having said that, I love having visitors, it doesn't happen everyday. Craig and the kids came last night and brought tea with them so we could celebrate Craig's birthday. Today it was a revolving door! First one friend then Craig, then another friend, then mum and dad! Crazy! But mum bought me a hot chocolate with her - yum! ‪#‎hotchocolatewelcome‬
Visitors, likes and comments on social pages plus phone calls all make such a big impact on how well you recover from big procedures like this. Everyone who takes the time to do this, I want to say thank you. Knowing there are people out there batting for you makes you so much more positive and optimistic to keep going when things are hard or hurting. So thanks heaps to all of you.
I'm resting up now so I'm ready to kick it again tomorrow. Just FYI, I'm still here till Sunday, feel free to pop in with a hot chocolate. ..


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